This Sunday, February 10th, we will be discussing the topic, “Why Should I Treat My Body Like A Temple?”   I am also very excited to say we are will have our first mini-lesson by Emily and Kristin. So make sure you come prepared to listen, participate and support your classmates this Sunday. Here are a […]

For the month of February we will be studying, The Plan of Salvation. Sister Heywood will start us off by teaching Sunday’s combined lesson on ‘What is the Plan of Salvation?’   Here are some quotes from the lesson (which you can find by clicking the link ‘What is the Plan of Salvation?’ above) for you […]

This Sunday (January 27th) we will be discussing why Jesus Christ is important in our lives.  We will be looking at the talk by Elder Holland from October 2012’s General Conference, The First Great Commandment .  Here are some questions to think about and prepare answers to for Sunday’s class: What habits or lifestyle choices do I […]